Saturday, July 23, 2011

What am I eating today? July 23, 2011

First of all, I should state that I'm in the process of changing my eating habits AGAIN...I'm reading about green smoothies, so I started making some at home in the mornings. I just wasn't thrilled with what I was eating for breakfast: either toast with butter and jam (...shudder...) or cereal, which made me feel sluggish and bloated. I bought a couple of books about green smoothies and eating green food and I decided to make a radical change! :-) So, now I mix kale, mango, and the Naked Juice Green Machine into a breakfast smoothie! I also add some carrot juice for balance. I'm finding that I can go all morning on just that and I don't get hungry until about noon. On Friday, I didn't even eat until 1:30 p.m. and I only had 2 oatmeal cookies at that time! I'm REALLY trying to have two smoothies a day, but it sometimes doesn't work out, like when hubby wants a big dinner. HE doesn't eat all day, so by the time he gets home, he's starving. I'm also trying to level out my acidic/alkaline balance and by eating more raw food and vegetables, I figure this should help. We found a Whole Foods (...whole paycheck!) in Scottsdale this morning and a gal there told us about a bigger one which is actually closer to our hotel, so we stopped there this afternoon. I didn't have to buy much more as I previously purchased some curry chicken salad, some broccoli salad, and some trail nut mix (which I ADORE!). So, dinner was already in the fridge. Hubby...(gasp!)...insisted that he wasn't going to eat "rabbit food" and demanded that I drive him through In N' Out (horrors!)...I can't eat that @#IT any more! He also had a beer, while I had sparkling water from Whole Foods (I LOVE the lime flavor!) So, here's a sampling of what I'm TRYING to eat these days. We don't have a Whole Foods in the desert and the nearest ones are 2 hours away, but we do drive over here to Arizona frequently, so I can stock up here. There's also one in Las Vegas, up in Summerlin. It's a really nice, big, beautiful one, like the one off Mayo Blvd. here in Scottsdale. If you want to read about green smoothies, here are a couple of links: AND I SHOULD mention that on day 3 of my green smoothies, I was running to the bathroom ALL DAY! Good thing I had stayed home to clean the house that day! I am hoping that my system was purging itself of all the bad stuff and detoxifying!!!!! :-) But, now, after a week, I find that I eye green salads like a predator stalking its prey! I WANT to eat raw foods and salads! I nearly went NUTS at Whole Foods...I piled all kinds of yummy stuff on my "to go" salad container (no photos because I ate EVERYTHING)...romaine lettuce, lettuce mix, yellow peppers, cucumbers, soybeans, kidney beans, some kind of sprouts mix...YUMMY!!!

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