Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm out WALKING again! Finally~~~

I's been a LONG time since I've posted here.  Well, let's see....I got bronchitis over Labor Day weekend, last September, and I've had it ever since.  My doctor says I now have COPD (chronic bronchitis).  I've been coughing nonstop.  I've been to urgent care 3x, and my own doctor twice.  Yadda, yadda, yadda...antibiotics, inhalers, even pill steroids....NOTHING has helped.  You know what has helped me the most?  Thyme tea.  Yes...oh, and cooking onions and then putting them in a sock while still hot (on my chest and inhaling the fumes).  Of course, I SMELLED like onions, but WHO CARES?  I was sick anyway!  Now I've ordered a bunch of essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs: and I make up batches of a thyme/castille soap disinfectant, which I keep in horse-sized spray bottles.  I spray EVERYTHING at school with it (not the kids, though!)...I DID get a flu shot and then I DID get the flu two weeks later...hmmm...exactly two weeks after I returned to school after winter break!  Funny coincidence, eh?  I was "down and out" for 3 days and now I've used up ALL my paid sick leave and if I get sick again and I don't have a doctor's note, I get docked...SIT DOWN...$600 A DAY!  Yikes!  Guess I'll be heading to my doctor for a note when (not "if") I get sick AGAIN!  I've noticed that I just can't fight off the kids' germs.  I wash my hands, I have TONS of hand sanitizer on my desk and theirs, I wash my hands, but it's hard to avoid getting sick in a classroom of 30 kids!  I was helping one girl one day with her math.  She wiped the snot running out of her nose ...  WITH HER HAND!~  I said, "GO wash your hands right now!" and of course, she proceeded to sneeze right then and there ON ME!  I knew I was a goner!  And, I was.  Now, I have a letter from HR (human resources) advising me to have a doctor's note OR ELSE!   ...sigh...what's a teacher to do?

Anyway, I'm back doing my walks.  I try to do them on weekend mornings, but yesterday, after our trip to Joshua Tree national park, I walked in the afternoon.  And, I saw a Cooper's hawk AND a barn owl!  Of course, I couldn't get my camera angled in time, but the barn owl silently swooped by without making a sound.  I only knew of its presence because I saw movement out of the corner of my eye!  Totally silent.  Oh, and I saw a roadrunner and one white crane.  All of these are over at our local city-owned golf course, which has wonder the hawk and owl hang out there!  I find myself getting stronger and stronger from my walks, so I'm going to keep them up!  Isn't that a pretty view of one of the ponds?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dietary supplement

I'm taking a dietary supplement.  It's one of the VEGA products and I'm really liking what it is doing.  I have MUCH more energy!  I see that it has probiotics and digestive enzymes, plus vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  Hey, all that is GOOD STUFF!  Here's a link to the website:  I don't represent them.  I just like their products!  I think I'm going to order some of them online as my local health store is $$$$$$$$!  (too pricey!)  I'm skipping lunch and just mixing water with their nutritional shake and I'm not sluggish in the afternoons any more!  (phew!)...It was hard teaching math while digesting a big lunch!  I'm also out walking EVERY morning now for at least 20-25 minutes and this morning, I went over 30 minutes in search of my coyotes (didn't see one of them...).  But, I did see lots of roadrunners and cottontails and jackrabbits!  :-)

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher appreciation day was this week and we got donuts, bananas, fruit, and water at school.  I appreciate the fact that he didn't bring in sodas.  Too many of us are NOT drinking that stuff any more!  I personally drink either water or Tea's Tea (jasmine).  And, that made me think, what would I want for Teacher Appreciation Day?  I'd want some new pens and some pretty pencils.  I'd want some writing paper for my students (WALMART does have a few pretty ones, but Office Depot and Staples have nicer ones).  I could also use some boxes of crayons for the kids and some markers.  Oh, and a new stapler and 10,000 staples!    I've had to scrimp and save this year and I usually go to the dollar stores to buy stuff.  I haven't had any nice, new items for my kids this year because (1) the board for my horses went up $200 a month; (2) the price of gas (you know...) (3) my car turned 100,000 miles and now it needs a tuneup ($300 at LEAST) and 4 new tires ($1,000), plus who knows what else...we had to remove the swarm of bees and that was $200 out the never ends!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Going vegetarian

I was eating a mouthful of beef when I read, on facebook, about the bill which would once again fund USDA inspectors for horse slaughter.  That was it.  PERIOD.  I was DONE with red meat.  I've been vegetarian (I still eat cheese) now for 3 weeks and I feel so much better!  I eat lots of beans and rice and broccoli.  Am I hungry?  Nope.  Not at all.  I found a line of frozen vegetarian meals from Amy's foods and I stocked up on them at WINCO.  Lots of enchilladas and Spanish casseroles with beans and rice.  YUMMY!!!  And, I feel so much better!  My finger joints don't hurt any more!   :-)  That's good news by itself, but I actually have more energy and don't feel sluggish (not digesting dead cow any more!)  I bought a book, Vegan Bite by Bite, and I'm enjoying reading through it and all the recipes it contains.  How about you?  Are you still eating meat?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

morning walks

I've joined my school district's fitness program and I'm not firmly committed to walking each and every morning.  I'm now sore all over, however!  And, I sure don't have any problem sleeping at night~~I'm so worn out that I hit the bed and konk out!  What are you doing for exercise????

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ethnic foods~Sunday Stills Challenge~073111

You know, we eat a variety of different ethnic foods:  Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, German...that's because my family LOVES to eat!  There's a great little German deli and grocery store in Yucaipa, CA called "George's" and sometimes we'll drive up there to get Black Forest ham and sausages (and German beer!).  Since we live in Southern California, we have access to many Mexican food establishments, including a little meat market not too far from our house where we get tortillas, salsa, guacamole, and tri-tip!  Yum, yum!!!!  Our daughter and son-in-law are real FOODIES and follow many food shows on TV.  They often invite us over for dinner (THANK GOODNESS!).  However, I don't have many photos of the food we eat!  I just don't take photographs of it (sometime I'm going to start doing!!!)  But, last weekend, while we were over in Arizona, we stopped at AJ's Fine Foods and I saw these bags of salsa and spices and I just couldn't resist snapping a few photos of them.  I ended up buying some of them for James so that he can cook us another delicious meal!  (Hehehehehehe!)  Sunday Stills Challenge for July 31, 2011.  I'll have to do an update and let you know how the meal went!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

What am I eating today? July 23, 2011

First of all, I should state that I'm in the process of changing my eating habits AGAIN...I'm reading about green smoothies, so I started making some at home in the mornings. I just wasn't thrilled with what I was eating for breakfast: either toast with butter and jam (...shudder...) or cereal, which made me feel sluggish and bloated. I bought a couple of books about green smoothies and eating green food and I decided to make a radical change! :-) So, now I mix kale, mango, and the Naked Juice Green Machine into a breakfast smoothie! I also add some carrot juice for balance. I'm finding that I can go all morning on just that and I don't get hungry until about noon. On Friday, I didn't even eat until 1:30 p.m. and I only had 2 oatmeal cookies at that time! I'm REALLY trying to have two smoothies a day, but it sometimes doesn't work out, like when hubby wants a big dinner. HE doesn't eat all day, so by the time he gets home, he's starving. I'm also trying to level out my acidic/alkaline balance and by eating more raw food and vegetables, I figure this should help. We found a Whole Foods (...whole paycheck!) in Scottsdale this morning and a gal there told us about a bigger one which is actually closer to our hotel, so we stopped there this afternoon. I didn't have to buy much more as I previously purchased some curry chicken salad, some broccoli salad, and some trail nut mix (which I ADORE!). So, dinner was already in the fridge. Hubby...(gasp!)...insisted that he wasn't going to eat "rabbit food" and demanded that I drive him through In N' Out (horrors!)...I can't eat that @#IT any more! He also had a beer, while I had sparkling water from Whole Foods (I LOVE the lime flavor!) So, here's a sampling of what I'm TRYING to eat these days. We don't have a Whole Foods in the desert and the nearest ones are 2 hours away, but we do drive over here to Arizona frequently, so I can stock up here. There's also one in Las Vegas, up in Summerlin. It's a really nice, big, beautiful one, like the one off Mayo Blvd. here in Scottsdale. If you want to read about green smoothies, here are a couple of links: AND I SHOULD mention that on day 3 of my green smoothies, I was running to the bathroom ALL DAY! Good thing I had stayed home to clean the house that day! I am hoping that my system was purging itself of all the bad stuff and detoxifying!!!!! :-) But, now, after a week, I find that I eye green salads like a predator stalking its prey! I WANT to eat raw foods and salads! I nearly went NUTS at Whole Foods...I piled all kinds of yummy stuff on my "to go" salad container (no photos because I ate EVERYTHING)...romaine lettuce, lettuce mix, yellow peppers, cucumbers, soybeans, kidney beans, some kind of sprouts mix...YUMMY!!!